Seems like Mens Warehouse needs to get their customer service in line! I would NOT recommend them for your wedding party tux's.

Poor poor poor customer service. No time to even try on the tux to see if it works prior to the wedding since they only allow you to have the tuxs 2 days before. Why not offer an option to pay a little bit more for a little more convenience for your customers. I have 5 friends getting married soon and will make sure they DO NOT use them for their wedding party's.

Would like to see Mens Warehouse actually start responding/addressing complaints. Guess they prefer to be silent.

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Firstly, it's Men's Wearhouse. Learn to spell the company's name you are trash talking correctly.

Secondly, it's is company policy for tuxedo rentals to arrive two days beforehand. You are allowed to have the tuxedo rental for a total of six days (pick up to drop off) for no extra charge.

There is an extended rental charge seven days or more. You just have to ask about this information instead of assuming and then complaining.


you could pay more for extended rental and get your tux early. you are talking about a rental?

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