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So fustrared and embarazing I wen to men's warehouse inc.

the old men assisted me hi told us that the shop have the promosion BAY 1 AND GET 1 FREE ...

He says take avenge !! So I was interest and this suit and he show me a other suit to purchase it to get the one I was interested to get it for free, so I check the price that was xtremely out my budget, I so another one very affordable he check the price he says that I can have both for 99.99 like he was mensine to me BAY I AND GET 1 FREE ... He tried to sale more items he brings shoes, shirt ect. I decide to go with the suit and he scanner both and the total was 199.99 I asking why ?

You says 1 FREE he goes like no I never say that .. And change every words that he says he trying sale me from the beginning more 400 dollars of items .. And then went he see that I only take the suit provable i'ts not good deal for his commission but I only was shopping for my needs .. I only buy 1 suit for 99.9 dollars cuz I really need it ...

I don't think this it's fear for us like customer's people from men's warehouse liar to me it us buy it ...I never get nothing for free I still purchase this suit he cunfuse me and liar to me too ...

I personally will not recommend my family and friends for men's warehouse ... I don't have no solution...

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss pricing issue of mens warehouse suit. Mens Wearhouse needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Santa Clara, California, United States #1242945

English is obviously not their first language, so cut them some slack! I have a background in ESL education, and can easily tell the difference between a bad speller and someone who is still learning English... this person is clearly the latter.


You might want to learn English before you submit another review.


You cannot spell.


It looks like the English language confuses you a great deal...

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