Mens Wearhouse "fitted" and I use the word loosely my son for his Senior Ball. He went back to the store to try the Tux on and the sales associate said it was perfect and sent him home.

On the evening of the ball, my son came down stairs and the collar on the shirt was so oversized that I could fit my entire hand between the collar and his neck. The Jacket was too large in the shoulders, the shoe laces on the cheezy shoes they make you take broke when he tried to tie them and the button on the back of the pants popped off when he tried to out his wallet in his back pocket. When I complained about the fit while retuning the suit, they told me that my son tried the suit on and it is his responsibility to determine if it fits. I do not know what this trained professional is paid to do but he definitely did not make sure that the Tux fit.

If you ever need a tux, go to a real Tuxedo store that cares about how you look when you leave.

A real Tuxedo store creates future sales by making sure that you look your best. The Mens Wearhouse does not care how you look and pushes that responsibility off on their customers and when you complain about how your clothes did not fit, they will tell you that you tried the Tux on...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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