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My wife and I had our wedding and rented suits from Men's Warehouse and David's Bridal. David's Bridal was nothing but a pleasant and easy experience for my wife's wedding dress and her bridesmaids dresses. The women working at the store were extremely helpful and friendly making the experience all the better. Renting suits from Men's Warehouse on the other hand was a complete nightmare. First and foremost, my groomsmen and I had to rush to get our initial measurements at the due to the fact that Men's Warehouse was discontinuing the color we wanted. Keep in mind this was well over a year in advance of the wedding date and we still had to rush.

Two days before the wedding, my 4 groomsmen and both fathers went to try on our suits. To our dismay, almost everyone's sizes for the dress shirt, pants and suit jacket were completely wrong. At least they got the suit color and vest right. My dress shirt was completely wrong. I'm not sure how they got the sizes they did, but it goes to show they need to pay more attention at the initial measurements, possibly recheck 2 or 3 times before sending us out the door. Rather than a size 16 neck, I was given a 17 1/2 XL dress shirt. It took three attempts to correct the employees that it did not fit correctly. All 4 of my groomsmen had the same problem with dress shirt sizing.

The next problem dealt with the pants. Myself, both fathers and 2 groomsmen had to have our pants re-altered. Luckily they had a seamstress on hand at the time. During our measurement process we were the same size and weight so I'm not sure how the sizes were messed up. Another problem we faced was the suit jacket. Several members of my bridal party and my father had to have the arm length altered and some interior material flattened in the jacket. We are a very easy going group, but the mistakes that were made were astronomical.

We rented the new charcoal gray Vera Wang suit entitled BLACK. The suits are very sharp looking, but the stitching is god awful. Prior to the ceremony, my top button on the suit jacket fell off twice during pictures. I did not even touch it at all since putting it on. I looked at all the other guys button and there was a single stand on all of their buttons holding it on. Luckily the girls in the bridal party had a sewing kit and were able to repair the jacket, but our picture time was severely depleted due to repairing the suit. We paid over $200 to rent this tux and were extremely disappointed. $200 is way way way too much to RENT a suit. The only reason why I chose Men's Warehouse was because they have stores nationwide for individuals to get measured. I had groomsmen from all over so it was very convenient. The last problem we encountered was that my father's pant leg ripped right at the seam. For such an expensive, designer suit, you would expect the suit to hold up to a lot of wear and tear due to top notch material and stitching. The suit pants split right at the seam from his ankle to his thigh. Unfortunately it ruined the night for him as he had to sit at the table rather than enjoying the night.

I have rented suits from Men's Warehouse for weddings several times in the past, and there always seems to be a problem. I was also told that the groom can receive a free $500 suit or free rental depending on the number of suit rentals. We qualified with the number of rentals and I chose free rental. During pick up of the suit, I was forced to pay and the cashiers were very rude. After the honeymoon, I went back and made my case for a refund because I qualified for a free rental after much deliberation with the staff.

The overall experience of renting suits from Men's Warehouse was a horror. The quality of the suits, inaccurate measurements, lack of attention to detail, and expensive prices will make me and my friends/family go elsewhere for suit rentals in the future. As I said before, I am a very easy going person, but something had to be said about the quality of the suits. Sorry to say, but after this experience, I will not recommend suits from Men's Warehouse ever again.

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LOL. Well the company is named Men's WEARhouse.

I would like to point out two obvious facts you have said and clearly don't understand. You rented the product, thus making it a continuously usable fabric in which temporary stitching has to be used rather than a purchased item made of different fabric and customized with permanent hems/alterations. Secondly, Vera Wang....maybe you should research the brand name which is clearly an expensive brand in general, so naturally even a rental will be pricey; however, you chose to rent it still. Also, I'd like to point out the fact that the VW rental is in fact a tuxedo, not a suit.

Also BLACK, is the part brand name for the two VW tux rentals if you paid attention to what you were renting.

Also, measurements have no correlation to color, they correlate to size. But if they were discontinuing a color, then that means that they needed an initial full measurement so that your size/outfit choice color could be locked in. You also mentioned you did this over a year before the wedding. You were completely frustrated that sizes didn't fit when trying on right before your wedding.

Hmmmm, gaining or losing weight or muscle over the course of a year time span, nahhhhh can't happen right??? LOL. Did you not go to get remeasured maybe a month before the wedding?

Lastly, the free rental.

It is hard to judge this since you have not provided enough facts. If you have 5 paid rentals the 6th is free (or coupon). How many guys rented? AND how many rented VERA?

For VW it has to be 5 Vera rentals to get the 6th Vera free. If you were in VW and the guys in Calvin Klein, then you do not qualify.

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